Our Mission:


We provide people of every age with the tools needed to break free of what is holding them back so they can fully become who God originally created them to be! 


What We Do...

We prepare and train people in the Principles of God to bring inner-healing to themselves, their family lines and others.

We engage and help develop those wishing to assist others succeed in their own inner-healing journeys.

We network and join together to assist our communities in times of disasters.

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Our Training programs will inspire you!

Workshops, Seminars, Healing Schools, Internships, Mentoring, MORE Teams...

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Getting healing for yourself will carry down through the generations!

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The Bible has first aid?

Learn to apply Biblical first aid to heal your hurts and positively impact the lives of those you love!  


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Help people improve their vision of God's future for them and remove blockages to receiving that future in full!