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The Lord - Our Glorious Crown

I've been studying Isaiah 28-29 for four months now as part of a deeper way of receiving His word into my innermost being. Isaiah 28:5-6 has been a particularly elegant gem and already producing some positive transformation as I've been applying it.

"In that day the Lord Almighty will be a glorious crown and beautiful wreath ... spirit of justice to him who sits in judgment ... for those who are turning back the gate."

The Lord Almighty will be a glorious crown and beautiful wreath. Crown, in Hebrew, means ‘atarah’ a feminine noun and a construct of receptivity, splendor, and His gift of character to include His 7 spirits described in Isaiah 11:2. We are talking about the King of glory here, our Christ Jesus who holds, personifies, and can be received atop our mortal thinking with His revolutionary plans to become ours as a part of His reflection into the earth. This is key for the Sons of God to arise!


This heavenly mindset can be ours as we intentionally steward with His amazing timing in daily practice. Time is God’s creative instrument [Gen. 1:1] and it belongs to Him. We can in turn connect with this wreath of beauty by linking patterns, direction, variations, and coordination of our happenings with His rhythm. Like our physical heart is in the best shape when it runs along a pattern, our spirit will soar as it synchronizes with divine timing. The body’s agreement with the pattern of synchronization isn't as innate as you would think. Variations like pain, stress, or chemicals can alter the heart's ability to function, thereby influencing the body's response on every level. Therefore, the same is for the human spirit.

Alignment with God's timing is key for our spiritual mindset and journey. I'm doing the leg work on this principle now and finding it one of the best 'first-line' tools for decision-making. Here are some actions for a Monday morning application.

"When you arise out of bed, call your human spirit to attention and invite him or her to synchronize with the framework of our Creator. Welcome the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Kingdom of God's agenda here on earth through you to overlay all your plans. Give the invitation to demonstrate His plans in your relationships, situations, workplace, home, business, and personal being, and to ripen the fruit of the spirit of God through your life and those who would come to pick from His tree of life in you" (Revelation 22:1-3).

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