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Is God Writing Something on Your Heart?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Attuning to the humanity of the spirit within the heart takes time and intentionality so that we can know clearly what is being inscribed. During this season, I am applying this action and discovering jeweled etchings of love for my journey, a place of true inheritance and value. It takes real effort to see and welcome these marks of grace. Some of the new designs within me have come through relationships, receiving at new levels of intimacy, an ability to release outcomes, following where the grace is flowing, and continued self-discipline such as fasting from media and meals.

Where self-directed efforts end - there can be advancements on many levels. The imprints becoming clear on the tablet of my own heart have come with a vision of a broad pathway. As I have intentionally taken time to meet with the inscriber of my spirit, my Ahavah (God of love), these blind eyes are seeing new sights!

Our spirit eyes can show us the extraordinary in the midst of the mundane. Yes, there are things that continue to tempt to pull us to believe otherwise, however, as we position ourselves to welcome the unknown and accelerate a willingness to risk and be enlarged. Perspectives can shift and so can the atmosphere. Learn to dream again, receive more joy, gratitude, and ways of interpreting a variety of current situations from a heavenly viewpoint.

How could you begin a similar journey?

Quiet your heart, and ask God to share the ways He would like to enlarge you with His plans and inscription of love. After you hear something (no matter how small or large), do it, walk it out, and watch Him change you from glory to glory.

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