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Seeds of Joy

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

“Yet your teachers will not be moved into a corner anymore, but your eyes shall see your teachers. Your ear shall hear a word behind you, saying, this is the way, walk in it" ( Is. 30: 20-21).

The child cries and holds tight the edge of a box wherein a home is fashioned. A home created by fantasy or the remembrance of a better day and time in this life. It has slipped away you see and been replaced by fear of that unknown which lies without. How grave my heart, how oppressive it feels without a guide or understanding as to how to return or where to go! There the child stays, clinging to the edges, hoping for a glance of where the place is of true security. Is there not one who will come and stay with me? Everyone goes away, everything keeps changing and they all leave me here alone, standing again…. outside my home of hopes, dreams and desires.

Now comes my redeemer, my rescuer. In the most unlikely of ways, He comes, in ways not expected nor known to me. Yet here He is, amid this uncertainty, He is present. I see Him; I can feel Him here with me. He knows my pain; He believes my story and it is welcome to His ears to hear my words of pain. He does not turn me away but calls me to come and rest upon His shoulder in this strange and foreign place. Now an offer of bread from His own throne room and water that is effervescent and alive. I know Him; He is Christ, my Glory and the lifter of my head.

He bids me come and wonder with Him, walking among the lilies along my path and the love that has been laid out for me by His plan, so far from home. Touching my heart, He shows me how there is sown into it, a place to know Him both within and without my understanding, and that He will NEVER leave nor forsake me. We remember now together the story of this home left long ago and the beautiful treasures that have been placed deep within my heart. We will look together as He transforms these pockets of sorrow into seeds of joy as His presence walks with me among the shadows of these losses.

Showing me where I left pieces of my heart and how they have remained stuck, Jesus asks me to choose to gather them back to myself. I know by this gathering; we can walk through this valley of the shadow of death together. My Warrior Prince of Peace comes boldly, declaring the truth of His undying love and unwrapping the shroud that had covered my heart. How cool and soothing this salve of love of comfort feels. How happy and free my heart is found as I find rest in His embrace. This is a worthy journey, this one towards wholeness.

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