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Tender Time Intensive (TTI) is a 3-day encounter where we will look at the character of Christ as a result of your loss. You will meet with a certified grief and loss counselor to ponder together the following:

  • Where the life of God flowed as a result of your relationship with your loved one or the element of life that you lost.

  • What about your loved one or the element of life that you lost made you a better person?

  • Being honest about the areas where life is more difficult now, after your loved one’s death or your other personal loss.

  • Practice ways to embrace the challenging situations which are hard right now, and learn how to see the “blessing” so you can go forward.

Tender Time Intensive clients. 

Tool Options for a Tender Time:

We will use several tools of your choice during this encounter. Together we will ask for God to bring His comfort and peace into the battered and bruised places that have marked your spirit, soul, body, and heart.

We invite you to take one of the most difficult times in your life and walk in reality. God is on your side. There are answers for you. It’s time to invite Him to shine His light in your life exactly where it’s needed. Here are some ways to help this happen.

  • Sharing

  • Drawing

  • Journaling

  • Identity/Emotions

  • Walking

  • Interactive Art

  • Special Teas

  • Quiet Time with Music

  • Dog Therapy

  • Prayer

If you have suffered the loss of someone or something important in life (or know someone who has), consider giving yourself (or someone you know) the gifts of time and resources to process grief in an extraordinarily life-giving way.

Cost: $900/person. Arrangements may be made for the intensive to be held in our Houston office, or onsite with the client. We have an arrangement with a local hotel for a corporate discounted rate for

Why do we use these various tools?


The link between music and emotions is well established. Humans rely on a sense of rhythm to perform ordinary activities such as walking, running, hammering nails, or chopping vegetables. Even speech and thought have a rhythm of sorts and can empower or nullify our subconscious. According to author Andrew Lewis, one way to work on rhythms is to work on bringing these into music, becoming a "rhythm antenna". Until the 19th century in Europe, people used to sing as they worked, in time to the rhythms of their work. Musical rhythms were part of daily life. 


Sound frequencies help us to connect our bruised souls with our personal spirits and back to God in new ways to carry us through this time of tremendous change.


Interactive Art:

The use of tactile therapies to unlock the story is used in conjunction with prayer ministry discussions. The use of this tool has shown increased ability for people to be able to find a place for memories that may otherwise be difficult to recall.


Special Teas:

We have partnered with Dalet Holistic Health Group on their tea collection. During times of stress and grief, it is important to process. Enjoying a selection of these teas during and following your TTI will provide a medicinal effect to assist with processing.


Therapeutic Massage:

Massage has many physical, emotional, and mental health benefits. Positive outcomes include; lower stress levels, release of tears, improved relaxation, improved mood, decreased anxiety, increased energy, deeper sleep, and increased feeling of wellness. 

Drawing & Use of Hands:  

Creating art expands our vision and helps us to see possibilities, to see a future beyond the present moment in which we feel so despairing. The act of coloring or use of hand work (such as drawing, knitting, or bouncing a ball with both hands) stimulates the imagination. Used in conjunction with listening to music or teaching CDs, it taps into hopefulness and brings increased blood flow to the brain’s reward center - the prefrontal cortex (Gharib).

Pet Therapy:

This well-known therapy can cost thousands. We have a service dog, Jolie who doubles with some of our prayer ministers to bring comfort, calm, and unconditional love into the picture during these times when nurture is needed most.

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