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Father Heart of God

Sharing about the Father heart of God is not an easy topic for those of us who had some variations in our experience here on Earth with our earthly fathers. I was privileged to have two earthly fathers. My birth father traveled a great deal during my early childhood, and when I was 10 years old, my mother decided to divorce my dad and move me and my two sisters to Florida, leaving my father behind in Canada. At various smatterings of times I saw my father, but then for a long time I didn’t see him at all, until my later adult years. 

My spiritual father was another story. He came into the picture during my teen years and presented quite a different picture of fatherhood. Under his tutelage, I, along with 200 other wayward youngsters, came to know Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and were immersed into what God’s love was meant to train us for in this life. It was a miraculous time, and though tumultuous, it was an extraordinary time to be alive. It was the 1970s and we were on the tail-end of the Jesus movement. I came to know the Father heart of God through a spiritual father who represented the Father Heart of God with exemplary grace and mercy. A disciplined but wild-natured enthusiast, his vision and heart were far larger for the accomplishment of ‘all thing as possible’ than is seen nowadays in most ministry or church leadership. 

To understand the Father heart of God, let’s go to the physical heart -an exceptional structure, with its four chambers, massive electrical circuitry, and pumping mechanics all critical to the central function of the human body. No human can live without a heart. It's vital to life. While other organs can be removed and we can go on to live normally, the heart is not one of them.

So, as we consider the Father heart of God and His many different names in scripture, we find, ultimately, that it’s because of His love and desire to relate to us that He is so immense in character. In sending His only Son, He gave us a pathway back into our original design and home in Him. What I find extraordinary is that He chose to share His glory with the Son, who in turn delights to share in partnership with us. What a privilege.

As we release our defensive position of recounting the many shortcomings, woundings, and lack of nurture we may have suffered by our earthly parents, we can welcome something different. Our Father God and His massive heart await us and beckon us to possess a place of true community through relationship in His strength. Our magnificent essence flowing from our design through the rivers of our story is sacred to our Father God. It starts with acceptance of our need for Him, so that we can be infused with His nurture to grow into the full potential of our being. He has a big way of sharing His glory in and through us, just as Jesus put it so beautifully when, in John 17:22-23, He spoke to His Father

“I have given them the glory that You gave me, that they may be one as we are one—I in them and You in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that You sent me and have loved them even as You have loved me.”  

This is the cadence of Sonship in the Father heart of God - alignment to the rhythm of our Father’s heart. The heart takes precedence over rightful rhythm, timing, right connection, and flow into every part of the body for synchronization, direction, and strength. That's the same for our spiritual journey. 

Join me as we take hold of the places within where He’s speaking, calling us to know His pace and share in the amazing journey on this side of Heaven. Jesus came to bring the Kingdom of God into the Earth. As you and I allow the measure of timing with God's Father heart, there will be a credible measure of transformation in systems, structures, and our entire body itself. This not only speaks of our personal body but also of the Body of Christ. The Father heart of God is open by invitation to all who dare to enter a deeper realm of unfolding His majesty, both now and throughout generations to come. 

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