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The Great Exchange

There is nothing more devastating to my heart than to watch someone bound by powerlessness, who can’t take the next step forward. That’s why I wrote the book, Invite His Light. I know those places of hopelessness from personal experience. Now after half a century, I’m able to journey with a sense of ‘living hope’. The more closely in relationship with the Lord I’ve come, the more aware I am of how truly reliant I’ve become on His grace and power to thrive amidst whatever conditions are brought to me. Let me share more of the deep passion I have for the beauty of our human bodies. 

When we breathe in, energy is required. It’s the transport vehicle for oxygen to be received into our body. When we breathe out, no energy is needed, and the waste product flows away freely, as carbon dioxide. Why is this science important to our understanding of the issue of powerlessness? It demonstrates a principle of our God-sized design as children of a true and living God.

The key here is being willing to recognize the influence of our taking some wee bit of effort (which requires energy) to receive something – that something allows us to gain life-giving energy. It comes by way of God’s Rauah Ha-Kadesh (breathe of the Holy Spirit) bringing increased inside, to the depth of our true and rightful place as God’s kids who are meant to receive an inheritance of LIFE.

No distance, time, space, or dimension can keep our Lord from bringing to us, His children, those healing elements essential for our maturation and wholeness with Him. Only one thing can hinder the process - our unwillingness to apply the principles of our design so that a great exchange can happen. To untie those knots of powerlessness, there must first be an intention to be open to receive. 

Look at one simple example from the bible - the story of the Israelites who were enslaved in Babylon and had seated themselves by some rivers to review their dilemma. 

Amidst captivity and devastation, they remembered their homeland, crying, “We remembered Zion!” Thinking about their native land - its former glory, the wrongs done to it, the desolations there, the temple in ruins, and their devastated homes - when they thought of those happier days spent there, they contrasted it with their current condition. That wasn’t wrong. The Lord delights to hear us share with Him our raw emotions. 

But that wasn’t the end of the story. The Babylonians then had the audacity, as captors, to require the Israelites to ‘sing them a song.’ And in that moment of overwhelming powerlessness, with its paralyzing sense of no possibility of freedom, that’s where it happened. In that moment of their song, a great exchange came, and they remembered who they were. Renewed strength, hope, and the remembrance of God’s promise was sparked alive again, and the rest is history. Psalms 137:1-3

This inheritance awaits you as well. Even as I’ve been writing this morning, whiffs of a fragrance of His presence have come and filled the room. Let into those hidden places a fresh wind of His glory and virtue. 

He’s ready and waiting to bring the great exchange. Choose to receive that needed shift to your senses. He alone is able and holds the power to complete that which HE first began, when, first, He made you in His own image!

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