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Finding Treasures in Times of Transition

In opening to the truth within ourselves, we can explore a treasure trove of transition, time and forward movement. This internal change and strength, where once all my energy was dedicated to withholding some part of me, is bearing the fruit of life with unity, internally and externally alike.

Embracing experiences differently builds two terrific benefits: capacity for adaptation, and responsibility of our own personhood. The process begins with the small and incremental movements of change and choice - each action charged with meaning and intent from a source beyond my own, found with great love and affection in union with God.

Psalms 139: 23 says,

“Search me O God, know my heart, try me and know my anxieties.”

The word ‘anxieties’ is often translated as thoughts. However, it also means a divided mind, opposite sides, divided opinions.

When we are unsure of ourselves and what our truth is, we won't be able to transition easily and clearly into the next level and season of our story. This lack of congruence within us can show up in any area of our life. Here is an example from my own journey.

I visit a gym several times a week. For the past 4 months, one of the showers in the locker room has had a broken shower nozzle. I’d even brought my own tools to adapt the head so I could shower without getting a spray of water shooting out everywhere in the room.

This morning, a question came to me: why was I choosing not to address this brokenness? By not bringing the issue to the attention of management, wasn’t I, too, contributing to the problem with my complacency? But that is what I had come to believe was required of me for most of my childhood - complacency - to adapt to everything that was happening, everyone who I believed knew so much more, and was after all, the appointed authority.

To check with my father about something that was broken or needed repair was met with repeated deafening silence, or explanation of its disrepair. This was in the generation when ‘children were to be seen and not heard.’ This was especially true for me, as my physical limitations were always pointed out as an issue which required protection and not an attribute of any contribution, only another confirmation of accommodation.

Reality for me was that ‘others knew better,’ and from that place I was not able to find a sure footing about what was truth for me. I had drunk the poison of believing the lie that my own contribution would always lack any particular wisdom or effect for change, especially with authority.

Now having become so much more aware of my own needs and emotional groundedness, there has become space in my belief system for the reality of truth shown in the harvest of my experience, value, and credible change and healing in my own and others’ lives.

So, heading for the front desk of the gym, this morning, I shared with the assistant manager the broken equipment and the need for maintenance in the locker room. Moving across and out of complacency, I was once more unstuck, able to flex and flow in my attributes, where once only suffering and pain was found.

There is an amazing, jet propelling power to cross a threshold of limitations when we are willing to embrace the value of our place in truth. I invite you to come with me as we go forward. Perhaps, you might take time this summer to take note of the places where truth can be found, see it in God, and in the design of you, His beautiful creation.

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